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Brenda Scully

Coach, Trainer and Master NLP Practitioner

Leadership Coach

Brenda is passionate about helping people become the best they can be.  She has over 25 years leadership experience, leading a variety of teams from Operational staff to Sales teams to Technical Specialists and has won a number of awards in recognition of her ability to successfully lead, coach and mentor a team to successful outcomes.

Working with Children

Brenda has successfully worked with children of various ages, as young as 6yrs old; to help them with their feelings of low self esteem, behavioural issues and stress.  Achieving change at this stage of life has a profound effect on children’s development.

Brenda is an accredited Coach in the Babcock Coaching Methodology and a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).  She has studied Transactional Analysis, Psychology and Counselling and is certified in Hypnotherapy.

Brenda’s Coaching and NLP skills can also help in areas such as;
· Understanding and overcoming what holds you back from being truly successful
· Freedom from anxiety and stress
· Changing habits that are no longer useful
· Overcome phobias and trauma events
· Modelling successful people to obtain best practice and then teach and coach others to raise performance across teams
· Feeling in control of your time and your energy

In addition to her strong leadership and coaching skills she is also a trainer who develops and facilitates training and is particularly passionate about enabling people in the area of effective communication skills.

What Brenda’s clients have experienced...

I started seeing Brenda for coaching to improve my leadership and communication skills when I was promoted into a new role. Brenda’s coaching assisted in increasing my self awareness, enhance and develop my skills to lead my people more effectively and provide me with more tools in my “manager’s kit”.

Through the course of our more business focused sessions,  my fiancée was diagnosed with Cancer and I opened up to Brenda about dealing with the stress and anxiety that was affecting me professionally and personally. I needed help. Brenda was able to help me with some extremely effective techniques and tools (I continue to use daily) to find the balance to support and provide strength to my fiancée and continue to be capable in my leadership role.  I am able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and without her help I would not be coping through one of the most challenging times in my life.  Kay, Team Leader.

“As a Manager during the Wellington earthquake I switched to Leadership mode during the event to ensure my staff were ok, evacuated safely and able to get home to their family. It wasn’t until I was returning into work on the Monday that I realised I hadn’t dealt with my own anxiety and I was concerned about how I was going to continue to be strong for my staff when I was also feeling the fear of being back in a high building. Brenda identified this and helped me overcome my own anxieties with a great NLP technique; this freed my mind and enabled me to support my staff with their variety of reactions after the earthquake. I also referred a couple of staff who had high anxiety and they found it helped them manage their return to work.” S Brown, Sales Manager



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