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DiSC Profiling

Have you ever noticed that some people communicate and take information in differently to you?  Or that the things that are important to you aren’t necessarily as important to someone else?  Do you want to be more effective at influencing others to achieve organisational outcomes?


Self-awareness and self-leadership are key to being effective in the workplace.  With self-awareness comes choice and with self-leadership comes the ability to be flexible and adaptable.  It’s these qualities that successful people use to effectively influence and communicate with others.

The DiSC model is a simple tool that helps you understand your behaviour in the workplace and the differences between people. It show’s you how you can adapt your approach to get the most out of interactions with others.  DiSC has been used by many businesses and professionals for over 30 years.  It's one of the few profiling systems that has been specifically validated for Australia and New Zealand cultures.

Our Coaches are all certified in the DiSC profiling system.  Contact us to arrange an individual 20 page profiling report and coaching session or a DiSC Team Effectiveness Workshop.