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Effective Leadership

Effective Leadership is a programme that enables you to quickly transform the leadership capability within your organisation.   The programme provides options of face to face training, on the job measurement and on-line learning modules.

On the workshop and on-line modules you will learn:

  • how to turn your low and average performers into high performers on a consistent basis – creating high performance organisations
  • how to become much more effective and influential as a manager
  • how to create and maintain successful relationships
  • what the key differences are in managing low / core performers versus high performers
  • the top 5 staff engagement methods you can use as a manager
  • the 4 consequences managers use on a daily basis and the 2 you should AVOID at all times
  • the 7 steps that high performing leaders engage in
  • and so much more..............

Our on-line learning system, Strada7, is provided in conjunction with Brava Ltd.  It allows you to access a series of modules that compliment our workshops.  You can complete the modules in your own time over the course of a year.  We help lock in your on-line learning through the provision of a tutor and three focussed one-on-one coaching sessions following the completion of specific modules.

On-the-job measurement

To help track your progress and identify areas requiring specific focus we provide access to an on-line tracking tool where both you and your team provide input.

Contact Michelle to discuss your specific requirements and see a free demo of our on-line system.

This training has highlighted a gap that I knew was there but not in quantifiable terms.  I now know what I need to do to perform better and in turn be respected more." Jeff

"Excellent Leadership tools offered and definitions clarified."  Owen

"It has given me the opportunity to challenge some of my current practices.  Staff communication and productivity is bound to improve."  Grant Vickers, Area Manager

"Immeasureable." David, Manager

"Refreshing interactive approach.  Very relevant for improving performance with the core of my staff." Dave