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DiSC Team Effectiveness

Increasing Team Effectiveness with DiSC®

Learn how to maximise your team's effectiveness and communication skills through understanding each others operating styles.  DiSC® is a behavioural profiling tool that helps individuals to understand and adapt their usual style to maximise interactions with others.  In addition to the workshop each participant will also receive a comprehensive report that provides indepth specific information about their profile including identification of strengths, areas for development, motivators and behavioural tendencies.  This information is invaluable for Managers who want to gain greater understanding and tailor their management style to help maximise staff performance.

On this workshop you will learn:

  • The different operating styles within your workplace - including your own
  • Why people respond and operate the way they do
  • How to interact and communicate effectively with other members of your team
  • How to influence and motivate others based on their operating style
  • How to adapt your own style to get the best from others

"Helps to understand others and gives a non-personal framework for being able to look at relationship issues.  Also useful to be able to look at how to manage for results/outcomes." Moira

"Communication is the key to leadership and productive teams.  Learning more about your own style assists in identifying when you need to adapt your style.  Very relevant." Jane

"Lots of practical tools to take away to use with all your relationships - work and personal". Jo Burney

"It is useful to get an understanding of communication styles using this model.  It assists in appreciating ones own and others communication preferences and provides the tools to enhance effective communication"  Cary, National Practice Manager

"Excellent collegial atmosphere - preparedness to share and ability of faciilitator to bring this out." Howard

"I found the content very insightful about my own communicating style and more importantly the style of other members in the team" RT, Auckland

"[gained] insight into own behaviour and positive strategies about how to work together". Jo-Ann, Wellington

"Very relevant.  Well presented and facilitated to ensure group participation." Bernie, National Operations Manager

"Extremely relevant.  Useful tool for creating awareness personally and professionally". SS, Auckland

"It made me reflect on my own particular style and how I can use that positively as well as moderating it when appropriate when working with others" Debbie, Wellington

"The benefits are better teamwork; create a supportive environment; appreciate others strengths" CK, Welllington

"Helped me to learn more about my new Manager!" DE, Wellington

"Was relevant for the team.  Helped everyone to have a better understanding of how to approach others" AC, Wellington