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Transforming Communication

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In just four days, you'll learn and practise precision skills for building and keeping relationships that work. You'll take these skills successfully into your professional environment as well as your home and friendships.

This seminar was developed by Dr Richard Bolstad based on his book of the same name. The conflict resolution model it teaches draws on NLP, solution focused approaches, Effectiveness Training and John Gottman's relationship research.  The seminar is taught internationally as well as throughout New Zealand including on some University programmes.  Michelle is a certified instructor of Transforming Communication and often delivers this seminar with other certified instructors to help maximise participant learning styles.

On the Seminar You will Learn How To

  • Build rapport with others quickly so as to gain their co-operation and trust.
  • Increase others' ability to resolve their own difficulties and meet their own outcomes.
  • Get others to respect your needs and cooperate with you.
  • Resolve discipline and conflict problems in organizations, personal relationships or with children, without resorting to threats or punitive action.
  • Create and action solutions that truly meet your own outcomes as well as others.
  • Influence others successfully while keeping rapport.
  • Easily and quickly shift your emotional state so that you feel more calm and confident in a conflict situation
  • Successfully achieve your goals – following our simple seven step process

"Great for building and repairing relationships and personal empowerment and confidence.  A lot of fun!" Cherllisha, Bowen & Massage Therapist

"Good relationship building both at home and work.  You'll benefit from better communication; better relationships - and understand human nature and hear different ideas".  Aileen, Administrator

If you feel ready to make changes in your life then this seminar would be well worth doing" Ali L, Fitness Trainer

"Very worth doing, useful in many/all areas of your life." Michelle

"The material learned is crucial to a successful family environment.  I am privileged to receive such a detailed and professionally given course.  I remember a lot due to the techniques used to teach.  Thank you so much!"  Clara

"Enjoyed the content very much.  It was engaging and exciting and encouraging... delivered in a very approachable way.  I think this NLP way of Transforming Communication is or has been a transforming experience for me. Thanks."  Dale